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Beverages for every occasion – product development guide

Beverages for every occasion – product development guide
As a category that is used by consumers every single day, beverages have become a hotbed of innovation with quality and functional ingredients.

The list of products that consumers use every single day is relatively limited when looking at the scope of the worldwide marketplace. Beverages are one of them, and that has driven brands and formulators to push the boundaries of innovation when it comes to the ingredients and functionality of their drink products.

The market is changing rapidly, too. The old standbys like Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Kool-Aid, and Lipton Iced Tea, among others, no longer suffice for people who demand their beverages step up and offer not only healthier ingredients, but offer more functional benefits as well. From sleep support to immunity and beyond, formulators need to look for ingredients that are up to the task.

Download this product development guide to see how the beverage market is evolving into a healthier and more targeted category and discover innovative ingredients from quality suppliers that are helping brands quench their customers' thirst.

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