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Understanding the balance between health and indulgence in baked goods – white paper

Understanding the balance between health and indulgence in baked goods – white paper
Learn how to navigate the consumer demand for baked goods that offer both indulgent experiences as well as healthier options with less sugar and carbs in addition to functional benefits.

Baked goods have long been a staple of many people's lives, offering an indulgent experience to satisfy cravings, offer comfort, and more, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But consumers are becoming more aware of the health impacts of these goods, especially when it comes to the high amount of sugar and carbs.

With the spike in both home baking and prepackaged baked goods likely to stay, it's important for brands to understand how consumer demands have evolved from simply decadent taste, to that of a balance between taste, health, and even function. From low-carb, to reduced sugar, and even immune health support, the market is now demanding a well-rounded, healthier approach to baked goods while maintaining the same indulgent taste.

Download this white paper from Cargill to learn more about the changing landscape of baked goods and how to address the demand for treats that offer a more balanced approach to the classic pastime of indulgence.

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