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The youth movement in functional beverages – white paper

The youth movement in functional beverages – white paper
Younger generations are fundamentally changing the beverage industry, leading to a new era in drinkable nutrition.

Beverages are not just about quenching thirst anymore. Led by millennials and Gen Z, more and more consumers are looking for functional beverages that deliver nutritional benefits in the never-ending quest to be healthier. From energy drinks to enhanced waters, the functional beverage category is one of the fastest growing nutritional markets out there with a 8.66% CAGR by 2024.

This change is being propelled by young consumers looking for beverages that deliver real benefits like enhanced hydration and cognitive support while cutting alcohol and sugar consumption. The data clearly shows that the functional beverages market is ripe with opportunity to meet the needs of this increasingly health-conscious generation.

This white paper from Cargill explores the changes in the beverage market and illustrates how differences between the older generations and the newer ones are creating unique opportunities for health and nutrition.

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