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Barry Callebaut launches new products to meet better-for-you demand – podcast

Audio-Barry Callebaut launches new products to meet better-for-you demand – podcast

Laura Bergan, Director of the Barry Callebaut brand, joins the Food & Beverage Insider podcast to discuss the company's new better-for-you product extension.

The old saying “Let food be thy medicine” rings especially true today as people continually look to maintain and even improve their health through the food and beverage they consume. This trend of better-for-you eating, which also encompasses diets such as vegan and keto, even extends to indulgent treats.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the Barry Callebaut Group is among the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, and recently announced the launch of two new products that follow this better-for-you trend. These new products utilize ingredients such as pea protein and boast keto and vegan claims, even on their new “milk-like” chocolate that is 100% dairy-free.

Better not only for you but the environment as well, these products still promise the taste and texture consumers love and expect, all under a healthy halo.

With Food & Beverage Insider assistant editor Alex Smolokoff and Laura Bergan, Director of the Barry Callebaut brand, this podcast addresses:

  • The reasoning behind launching new products that fit the vegan and keto trends;
  • The ingredients utilized and formulation challenges overcome in development of these new products;
  • and plans for future extension of the Barry Callebaut line to meet consumer demands for tasty, indulgent, but still better-for-you-and-the-planet treats.
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