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Sustainability and health concerns driving non-dairy market

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A significant proportion of consumers are committed to reducing their intake of dairy products, buoyed by the desire to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Across the globe, the number of consumers looking to reduce their dairy intake is on the rise. This behavioral trait is something that can be attributed to ethical and health concerns associated with dairy intake.

An FMCG Gurus survey of 26,000 consumers conducted across 26 countries in Q3 2019 found 45% of consumers said they have changed their diets over the last two years in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Of these consumers who have done so, 42% have looked to reduce or eliminate their dairy intake. This means that in the last two years, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) consumers have made the conscious decision to follow dairy-free diets to some extent. It is worth noting that of those consumers who have changed their diets, the decision to eliminate/reduce dairy intake was a more popular option compared to eliminating/reducing meat intake.

These attitudes toward dairy—including the challenge associated with giving it up—is something that will drive demand for dairy-alternative products across the globe. Indeed, these products are not restricted to consumers who deem themselves to have an allergy, intolerance or a sensitive digestive system. Instead, the dairy-free market will be driven by conscientious consumers whose behavior is being shaped by health and sustainability concerns. To truly capitalize on this, it is important such alternative products are seen to be compromise-free, compared to standard dairy products, when it comes to taste and affordability.

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Mike Hughes is head of research and insight, FMCG Gurus.

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