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Clean label fats and oils resonate with consumers

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Diets such as paleo and keto have driven consumer demand for clean label fats.

The high-fat, low-carb keto diet exploded onto the scene with the excitement of every fad before it. But, unlike others, this one’s got staying power, with NPD Group reporting keto is one of the top three diets followed by Americans in 2020. The market is responding, with specialized products popping up in nearly every food and beverage category. And it’s changing the game when it comes to overall consumer perceptions of fat.

Food & Beverage Insider spoke to representatives from several brands about consumer attitudes, trending ingredients and the future of fats and oils. Here’s what they had to say.

Food & Beverage Insider: What's driving consumer interest in clean label fats and oils?

Mark Sisson, founder, Primal Kitchen: In recent years, people have moved away from the idea that a certain amount of dietary fat is good or bad and have started understanding it’s a bit more nuanced than that. As the research builds, consumers are recognizing that certain types of fats and oils are more likely than others to adversely affect their health. Conscious consumers are moving toward stable fats with the right balance of omegas, instead of simply counting grams. The rising popularity of paleo, keto and primal diets also is driving demand for clean label fats. As consumers rethink their eating patterns and experiment with lower-carb lifestyles, they learn that they can incorporate clean label fats with a little protein and some vegetables and stay satiated for hours.

Laura Gottschalk, manager, consumer insight, Conagra Brands: Clean label fats and oils are an integral part of two large health and wellness trends: keto diets and plant-based eating. This is likely driving consumer interest and creating greater demand over some other clean label options.

To read this article in its entirety, check out the Innovating with healthy fats and oils – digital magazine.

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