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Baked-in opportunities for sweet bakery products – white paper

Baked-in opportunities for sweet bakery products – white paper
Download this white paper to explore the evolving attitudes around bakery products and ingredients.

As consumers’ attitudes about health and eating evolve, so too have their notions about what makes a memorable muffin or an indulgence-worthy cookie. Innovations in the bakery category are giving rise to better products with friendlier labels, gluten-free claims and plant-based enhancements that are just generally “better-for-you.” All this is driving excitement, trial and growth for the $46 billion bakery category.

What this means for sweet baked goods, in particular, is that ingredients and nutrition have become critically important. At the same time, taste, flavor and the perception of indulgence remain essential. To understand this seeming dichotomy in the consumer psyche, it’s important to look a little deeper into their evolving attitudes about both ingredients and bakery products.

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