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The latest in plant-based nutrition – product development guide

The latest in plant-based nutrition – product development guide
Download this product development guide for solutions for innovative, great-tasting products packed with plant-derived ingredients.

Once a niche dietary approach, plant-based eating has now exploded into the mainstream. As more consumers understand the many health and environmental benefits of consuming plants—and product formulators deliver innovative, nutritious and delicious foods and beverages to meet their demands—we’re in the midst of a plant-based revolution. 

But beyond just alternative versions of animal-derived products, consumers are also seeking out plant-based foods and beverage that are not meat or dairy substitutes. Think nutrition bars, crunchy snacks, ready-to-drink functional beverages, pastas, cereals, frozen entrees, spreads and sauces made with plant-derived ingredients. Here again, formulators and brand owners will find a ripe marketplace for launching innovative, great-tasting products packed with plant-based nutrition.

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