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Beyond Brewing: Medicinal hops oil for supplements – download

Beyond Brewing: Medicinal hops oil for supplements – download
Specific constituents of hops are revealed in a proprietary oil create through a clean distillation process, ready for formulation in supplement products.

The use of hops in brewing has been well-established for centuries. But the first medicinal uses of hops were first documented in the 1100s along with indigenous cultures using them for healing purposes going back centuries more. Thanks to the terpenes (the same type of compounds in cannabis) found in hops, recent scientific studies have shown benefits for issues such sleep, stress and inflammation, among other benefits.

Hopzoil® from Glacier Hops Ranch out of Whitefish, Montana brings a new player to the market for dietary supplement companies looking for an innovative ingredient that can either compete with or enhance CBD. Glacier Hops Ranch uses a unique steam distillation process with no solvents to create a clean, broad-spectrum essential oil with highly concentrated terpenes.

Read this manufacturer's download from Glacier Hops Ranch to see how Hopzoil® is created and how it can be formulated into a myriad supplement products that boost support for stress, sleep and other related health concerns.

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