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The growing cannabis, CBD, and hemp opportunity in food and beverages – product development guide

The growing cannabis, CBD, and hemp opportunity in food and beverages – product development guide
Relaxed regulations and new innovations with cannabinoids have given formulators a new frontier to explore in plant-based, foods and beverages.

The cannabis plant has dominated the natural products conversation in recent years for good reason. With at least known 113 cannabinoids, each with a different use, the cannabis plant brings a whole host of options to formulators to create truly impactful products, particularly with hemp in the food and beverage space. And with recent regulation relaxations, the growth in the market is only just getting started.

Whether it's hemp-based food and beverages bringing protein, omega fatty-acids, and antioxidants, or hemp-derived CBD bringing anti-inflammatory and stress-reduction benefits, developing food and beverage products with cannabis ingredients from trusted, reputable suppliers can give brands the solid foundation they need to achieve success in this exciting market.

Download the latest product development guide to learn about the expanding world of hemp derived and cannabis isolate ingredients for food and beverage applications and discover why partnering with trusted suppliers devoted to quality is essential to developing cutting edge products that meet consumer demand.

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