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Hop oils emerge as the next supplement superstar – infographic

Hop oils emerge as the next supplement superstar – infographic

Hops are a centuries-old beer ingredient, imparting flavor and aroma to one of the world’s most popular beverages, but not often considered for their health benefits. Hops are actually a member of the Cannabacea family, loaded with beneficial natural substances.

The real benefits lie deep within the hop flower in the lupulin glands which contain as many as 1,000 different compounds, including numerous naturally occurring terpenes. Capturing these fresh terpenes at their maximum can be challenging, due their volatile nature.  We steam-distill these precious hop flowers immediately after being plucked from the field at harvest and bypass the normal kilning process of drying and preserving the biomass-laden hops.  The result captures all of this goodness into a pure and potent essential oil that we call Hopzoil®.

Whether for ingredient innovation and flavoring, dietary supplements or nutraceuticals, cosmetics or as a pure essential oil, hops are the next “new thing” coming from a centuries-old Superplant.

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