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Plant-based proteins are leading the way – product development guide

Plant-based proteins are leading the way – product development guide
With plant-based eating becoming more and more popular every day, it is important for formulators to understand the market opportunity and the ingredients available to them in order to develop market leading food and beverage products.

It is obvious to even a casual observer that plant-based eating is more popular than ever. A recent survey showed that a whopping 48% of shoppers actively seek out products that are "plant-based", with an astounding 27% growth in the category from 2019-2020. The opportunity is clearly there, and now it is time for food and beverage formulators to take advantage.

Plant-based foods and beverages certainly enjoy a health halo, but not every source for these protein alternatives fit the bill for clean-label, sustainable and other designations consumers are looking for. It is critical for formulators to select high quality ingredients that meet the demand for truly healthy and great-tasting products that consumers will incorporate into their regular shopping trips.

Download the latest products development guide to learn about the innovative ingredients available to formulators that enable clean-label development, are sustainable and lend themselves to the number one purchase driver of all foods and beverages: great taste.

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