A day in the life of food science  - Video

Whether the setting is a massive corporation, small business, academia or independent consultancy, the impact of the food scientist on the industry at large is increasingly consequential. Witness a day in the life of these culinary innovators as they tackle trends, sustainability and the future of food — all while shaping consumer perception and transforming the industry.   Price: $59

Karen Butler, Senior managing editor

June 28, 2024

Food science; a robotic hand holds an egg

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Get a look behind the scenes at what food scientists are doing to future-proof the food and beverage industry, whether the setting is a massive corporation, small business, academia or independent consultancy. Professionals will share the latest ingredient research, industry best practices, career development opportunities, challenges and solutions in the workplace, how to enhance communication — from technical concepts to a scientist’s value within an organization — and much more. Come away with groundbreaking science, a fresh perspective on the wisdom of the ages, and how the combination can help transform not only businesses, but also consumer perception of food and beverage and the world itself.   


Watch this video to gain insight into:   

• Ensuring products deliver on their promises.   

• Navigating the challenges of trends and ingredient substitutions.   

• Branching into leadership roles, whether management, C-suite or employee.   

• Setting, evaluating and adjusting standards around product development.   

• Exploring sustainable food ingredient research, from alt-proteins to upcycling.   

• Examining workforce skills, preparedness and the evolving roles of food scientists.   

• Reviewing considerations such as FDA oversight, product safety, testing and packaging.   

• Working and communicating with governing bodies, co-manufacturers and nonscientific thinkers.   


0:00:00-0:02:00 – Introduction  

0:02:00-0:34:00 – How food scientists help future-proof the industry: Kantha Shelke, Ph.D., founder/principal, Corvus Blue   

0:34:00-0:58:00 – Forging pathways to sustainable food innovations through interdisciplinary collaborations: Changqi Liu, Ph.D., associate professor in food science, San Diego State University   

0:58:00-1:20:00 – Workforce preparedness for the food industry: Lilian Senger, Ph.D., professor and program director, Food Science program, Chapman University   

1:20:00-1:47:00 – Developing business acumen, strategic decision-making skills and effective communication methods: Michelle Frame, president and founder, Victus Ars & Institute of Confectionery Excellence   

1:47:00-2:17:00 – Sensory and product development throughout the product-development process: Amy Usiak, R & D lead, JPG Resources   

2:17:00-2:31:00 – Trends, manufacturing considerations and regulations: Kelly Connelly, owner, Little Food Lab   

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Karen Butler

Senior managing editor, Informa Markets

Karen Butler is a senior managing editor at Informa Markets. For nearly 25 years, she’s worked in a variety of editorial roles, covering topics such as animal nutrition, functional food & beverage, and dietary supplement ingredients and trends. She most enjoys working behind the scenes as a copyeditor, as well as building community and supporting a team. Reach her at [email protected].

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