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Amplifying Sustainability: Plants in the spotlight – special report

Amplifying Sustainability: Plants in the spotlight – special report
Sustainability initiatives for brands and manufacturers are complex, they must deliver on the quadruple bottom line, including meeting consumer ideals today and into the future. Learn how amplifying the creation of plant-based products supports sustainability commitments.

The term “sustainability,” often used to express values related to the environment and long-term health, also is used to describe priorities and actions for businesses. Creating directives that drive policy and practice that provide solutions with purpose that serve people, planet and profit are the mark of sustainable corporations. 

Today's consumers are embracing these principles and expressing their preferences with their wallets. Expectations for the brands they support with respect to their environmental, social and nutritional impacts weigh heavily into their purchasing behavior. The global pandemic-induced era of uncertainty has created greater awareness for consumers about sustainability impacts and propelled the idea of corporate responsibility and sustainability to business imperative.

In this report we dig into consumer demographics and values behind changing product demand and how corporations and brands can meet the need with practices throughout their supply chains. The movement toward more plant-based eating goes beyond trend, it is fast becoming a key part of the sustainability imperative.

Download the report to see how your business can evolve and be a sustainability leader.


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