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Clean label innovation in the breakfast aisle – digital magazine

Clean label innovation in the breakfast aisle – digital magazine
Childhood nutrition not only sets the tone for daily activity, but also contributes to long-term growth and development.

A child’s nutrition not only supports overall well-being, vitality and performance, but is the foundation for healthy development. Areas such as cognition, bone health and immunity are greatly impacted during years of development and growth, so it is critical children receive adequate intake of key nutrients to ensure both short- and long-term health is achieved. Breakfast is one category experiencing a clean label overhaul, as parents prioritize finding better-for-you options for their kids to start the day.

Takeaways for your business

  • In addition to clean ingredients, parents want solid nutritional value in their kids’ breakfast foods.
  • Iron, protein, omega-3s, lutein, and vitamins A and D are among the nutrients benefitting children.
  • Breakfast products are incorporating whole grains, protein, fiber, superfoods, vegetables and more.






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