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Know your customer: Insights for beverage innovation – download

Know your customer: Insights for beverage innovation – download
Gain your beverage bearings with this brief analysis of generational consumer preferences. Learn about formulating and innovation priorities in a rapidly changing and expanded beverage market landscape.

Cultural shifts around health are driving new approaches to diet and nutrition. No segment has experienced this change more profoundly than beverages, and these changing attitudes have created a new market for beverages that strive to meet demands across a variety of intake occasions. A new frontier has emerged where innovative technologies supporting health-halo benefits and desirable flavor, color, and mouthfeel options have transformed the beverage arena. 

To understand how these trends are evolving, it’s also important to look deeper at growing generational differences in beverage consumption. While the daily prevalence of beverages on hand is expanding among all age groups, those in the younger generations have distinct preferences for beverages with purpose. 

Read this manufacturer download and learn about the key drivers and preferences for all generations so that you can be sure your beverage innovation pipeline is meeting the right needs for your target customer.

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