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Making a clean swap: From simple labels to sugar reduction – webinar

Making a clean swap: From simple labels to sugar reduction – webinar
Consumer values are rapidly changing, influencing purchasing behaviors and sales. Learn how to create label-friendly texture and sweetener ingredient swaps to meet specific challenges.

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Label-friendly formulation can be tricky – in no small part because consumer expectations continue to evolve, and consumer product preferences are changing. Today’s shoppers favor for clean, easy to understand labels and environmentally responsible purchasing priorities are influencing behavior. Brands must remain agile, product innovation pipelines must meet the label-friendly mark while achieving formulation performance requirements.

This webinar aims to help brands along their label-friendly journey, unpacking the trends driving consumer desires and exploring new solutions to help formulators make a clean swap.  We'll dive into new data from New Hope Network Data & Insights research on the Changing Consumer, and examine label friendly ingredient solutions to solve common formulation challenges in ways that appeal to these new shopper preferences.

We'll focus upon:

• Trends that are having the biggest influence on label-friendly formulation.
• How a new innovation from Cargill, soluble rice flour, is poised to simplify ingredient statements by replacing maltodextrin.
• Why pairing a botanical extract with Cargill’s most-advanced stevia sweetener allows brands to break old boundaries in sugar reduction.

Join Food & Beverage Insider, together with Cargill’s Shiva Elayedath and Smaro Kokkinidou, as they discuss the latest developments related to label-friendly formulation, including new solutions for maltodextrin replacement and deep sugar reduction.


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Francine Schoenwetter, Content Marketing Director, Food and Beverage Insider, Informa Markets


Amanda Hartt 117x132.jpg

Amanda Hartt, Lead Market Analyst, NEXT Data and Insights, New Hope Network

Shiva Elayedath 117x132.jpg

Shiva Elayedath, Senior Technical Manager Texturizers and Specialties, Cargill

Smaro Kokkinidou 117x132.jpg

Smaro Kokkinidou, Principal Food Scientist Lead - Sweeteners, Cargill


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