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Personalized ready meals: Where customization meets convenience – digital magazine

Personalized ready meals: Where customization meets convenience – digital magazine
The personalized nutrition trend continues to influence food and beverage product development, often yielding options with customized attributes that fit into a range of specialty diets.

Consumers are increasingly taking control of their health and wellness—developing personalized styles of eating that work best for their individual needs and preferences. Food and beverage brands looking to keep pace need to customize their offerings with products appealing to a variety of diets and clean label attributes, from certified organic and non-GMO to gluten-free, paleo, plant-based, Whole30, keto and more. Technology and convenience are two key areas continuing to help shape the space.

Takeaways for Your Business

• The food landscape is being transformed by the fusion of food, well-being and technology.
• Consumers want personalized food and beverage products that are also convenient and healthy.
• Vegan frozen meals posted nearly 20% growth in the past year, indicating high interest in the niche.


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