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Delivering on the growing appeal of dairy alternatives – webinar

Delivering on the growing appeal of dairy alternatives – webinar
Now available on-demand

This webinar digs into consumers’ evolving mindsets, exploring how more proactive, personal and holistic attitudes toward health, coupled with a renewed emphasis on conscious consumption, are bringing mainstream interest to the dairy alternative space. However, while a wide swath of consumers may be willing to give dairy alternatives a try, brands must deliver on their expectations for taste, texture and appearance. To bring this opportunity to fruition, we dive deep into the key formulation hurdles brands face, offering real-world solutions to the most common product development obstacles.


  • The impact of shifting consumer behaviors on dairy-alternative consumption and the broader plant-based movement, with fresh insights on COVID-19’s impact
  • The conflux of food and beverage trends – from healthy living to sustainability – driving dairy-alternative sales; and
  • The three biggest plant-based dairy formulation challenges – and how to overcome them



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