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Inside Organic

For sustainable palm oil company Daabon, being certified organic is part of the company’s legacy – video

As the first organic palm oil producer, certifying 40 years ago, Daabon has had decades to realize the benefits of organic. Not only does the company recognize how important for the planet it is to be an organic and sustainable palm producer, it also keenly understands that it is critical for the company’s relationships with people. Organic not only provides a safe work environment for employees and their families, who often live near their work, it also is healthier for the surrounding communities.

Still, today, the company sees organic as continuously helping to draw new paradigms for better ways to do agriculture. Whether it’s new ways to use composting or recirculate water, or to develop good practices that are replicable across different crops. Here, Daabon Executive Vice President, Felipe Guerrero, explains how organic has played a critical role in the companies past, and why it will continue to play an important role for the company’s future.

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