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Samuel Adams’ program provides resources to entrepreneurial moms

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream
Samuel Adams’ Brewing the American Dream program is providing 50 entrepreneurial moms with year-long mentorship and resources to pursue a career in the food and beverage sector.

The initiative comes at a time of heightened hardship when nearly 3 million women have lost their jobs in the past year due to layoffs, furloughs and poor accessibility to childcare. The program will select 50 recipients across the United States who are aspiring or current food and beverage entrepreneurs to receive one-on-one mentoring for a year from various functional areas of Samuel Adams and financial and physical resources to assist across areas of their everyday.

“The Brewing the American Dream program is one that Samuel Adams holds dearly as part of the business’ DNA, and we’re honored to be a part of the journey of inspiring entrepreneurs across the country,” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. “We recognize that supporting moms who are also pursuing their entrepreneur dreams goes beyond just offering help to their businesses right now, so we hope that this initiative can provide some relief to a community that needs some extra support.”

Through the program, Samuel Adams will be offering a wide variety of resources—from business support in the form of mentorship and training sessions to more practical ways to support their day to-day including social media, graphic design, accounting/finance, legal, marketing, sales and distribution among others. Recipients also will receive a $500 check to contribute to childcare or groceries; a voucher to mDesign for home storage and organization needs; a three-month subscription to City Girl Coffee that sources coffee from women-owned or -managed farms and cooperatives; a Kami Mini camera to keep tabs on the kids or simply monitor the house; and a gift card to for a reset and relaxation experience in the home.

Moms interested in pursuing their own American Dream must complete the application via the Brewing the American Dream Facebook or Instagram page, or through the submission form here by May 23, 2021. The 50 recipients of the Moms Brewing the American Dream will be chosen based on the predicted impact that the mentoring sessions will have on their long-term business success.

In alignment with the support packages, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream also named Kate Russell the winner of the 8th Brewer Experienceship program. Each year, the Brewer Experienceship program selects one craft brewer to experience the Boston Brewery and learn the art of brewing and business discipline alongside the Samuel Adams team. The Experienceship includes extended mentoring, a trip to the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery to learn from brewing and business experts, including Jim Koch, financial support to attend industry events, and the opportunity to brew a collaboration beer with Samuel Adams.

Russell is a working mom of two kids who opened Hopkinsville Brewing Co. in 2016. She later expanded her brewery, opening just three weeks before the COVID-19 lockdowns in the United States. Russell’s story of resilience and dedication resonates with many moms across the country who have been hit by the repercussions of the pandemic.

The Brewing the American Dream program launched in 2008 and has since provided more than $44 million in food and beverage loans to over 11,000 entrepreneurs in 38 states.

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