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Innovation is when novelty meets tradition – video

Video-Innovation is when novelty meets tradition – video

Sam Kressler, owner, Stir Innovation, previews his upcoming SupplySide West/FiNA presentation that will cover revolutionizing the natural food and beverage industry with thoughtful products. In this video, he chats with Sandy Almendarez, vice president of content, SupplySide, about what to expect.

Innovation must be shroud in familiarity, so a consumer doesn’t have take a huge leap to try a product. Sam Kressler, owner, Stir Innovation, who offers product development and innovation consulting, coaches his clients to either offer a new concept with familiar flavors or use unfamiliar flavors with a new concept. Think of Udi’s Sweet Potato Crust Barbecue Style Chicken Pizza or Cappello’s almond flour pasta (both companies are Stir Innovation clients).

In this video interview with Sandy Almendarez, vice president of content, SupplySide, Kressler digs into how he works with brands to bring innovation to the forefront.

They also discuss:

  • The top three questions Kressler asks all his clients
  • How a hypnosis session led to Kressler entering the natural products industry.
  • The strength of the natural product community, as Kressler puts it, “This is industry is awesome, and it’s full of people I want to hang out with.”

This video was recorded onsite at Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia.

Kressler will be presenting more about innovation in natural foods and beverages at the SupplySide West/Food ingredients North America session “Basics of food & beverage product development,” on Thursday, Nov. 3, 9-11 a.m. Click here to register. This session is underwritten by Shanghai Freemen and Ottera.

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