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Bite-benefits with probiotics in snacks – product development guide

Bite-benefits with probiotics in snacks – product development guide
Probiotic ingredients have made their way into the sweet and savory world of snacking thanks to innovative research and strain improvements for better benefits.

The snack market is massive to the tune of 97% of consumers, according to a recent survey by market research firm FMCG Gurus. And they're snacking more frequently than ever before, sometimes even using snacks to replace entire meals. Snacking has clearly changed in recent years, partially driven by the demand for functional, healthy snacks.

Probiotic ingredient suppliers have recognized this recent shift towards functional snacks and have developed new and innovative strains in a variety of snack formats such as yogurt, cereal, granola bars, chocolate, gummies, crackers and more. This has been made possible by developing strains and delivery methods that allow the microorganisms in the products to make it safely to the gut, instead of killing them through heat treatment or succumbing to the harsh environment of the stomach before they can deliver their benefits.

Download the latest product development guide to see how probiotics in snacks are pushing the boundaries of the snacking market and how quality ingredient suppliers are offering brands the latest formulations for proven benefits in supporting the gut microbiome.


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