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An NBA legend discusses how and why he took the sugar out of his premium champagne brand

If anyone knows about the finer things in life, it's basketball icon Isiah Thomas. For years, he celebrated his grandest achievements with the most decadent foods and beverages. And while there's still much to celebrate, he now does it with Cheurlin, his champagne brand with zero sugar and no sulfates. In a new video, he tells us how he did it—all without losing an ounce of taste.

When most people envision decadence, champagne is likely to come to mind. That beckoning pop of a bottle of bubbly signifies good times ahead, yet NBA legend Isiah Thomas thrives in keeping the good times—without the decadence. 

That decadence is sugar, the ingredient you won't find in Thomas' premium Cheurlin Champagne. It's the brand he's owned since 2016 when he bought the grapes from the Cheurlin family's estate vineyard, which has been around since 1788. The veteran athlete, who also considers himself a serial entrepreneur and healthy eating advocate, saw an opportunity in the adult beverage market to offer American consumers a sugar-free champagne. During the interview, Thomas discusses the following:

-the process in selecting the rare grapes chosen to produce the zero-sugar champagne

-the process used to produce the low-sugar rosé champagne, which is an unconventional method

-why his champagne line is comprised of all "first press" grapes and how that affects taste and quality of product

-an explanation of why no sulfates are in his products and how sulfates affect the quality of the product

-the process of how Thomas brought the brand to the United States

-how he's joined forces with NBA players and other groups to promote the brand

Watch the video below for the entire interview.

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