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Silver Fern Farms launches campaign to highlight ethical meat production

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Silver Fern Farms’ new marketing campaign is shining a light on ethical animal and environmental care in the meat industry.

Silver Fern Farms is the largest producer and exporter of red meat in New Zealand, and it’s taking on one of the largest hurdles facing the meat industry: perceptions that meat production is cruel to animals and the environment.

The company launched in September its first campaign in the United States, intended to highlight farmers who put animal welfare and environmental care as their top priority. It also aims to help consumers see the connection between superior animal care and quality of the meat.

The campaign, “Delicious Starts Here,” features videos and static ads on YouTube and other social media platforms that highlight some of the 16,000 farmers that Silver Fern Farms partners with to produce and export its lamb, beef and venison products. The videos, which vary from 10 seconds to 4 minutes, feature social media influencer Max Greb, known as “Max the Meat Guy.” Greb’s popularity has attracted millions of fans across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Partnering with pop culture brands is a trend that’s gaining popularity among food brands that seek to appeal to ethically motivated consumers. In May, Skinny Butcher, a producer of frozen plant-based meat alternatives, partnered with the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” to promote its initial retail launch. In July, the company’s plant-based chicken nuggets were dubbed the No. 1 plant-based item at Walmart.

Importantly, Silver Fern Farms’ campaign targets consumers who are looking for ethically produced meat products. According to data fom Mintel, that’s a large audience.

Mintel reported 60% of people ages 18 to 34 who eat red meat are concerned about the environmental impact of raising cattle; more than half of that group said animal welfare concerns impact what products they buy. The vast majority (83%) of consumers said they would pick a product that’s better for the environment and 70% would pay more for a sustainable product.

The farmers of Silver Fern implement animal welfare strategies like freedom to roam, grass-based farming and helping cattle live a stress-free life. But they also prioritize environmental care by planting native trees, encouraging biodiversity and being mindful of their carbon footprint.

In fact, Silver Fern Farms launched its USDA-approved Net Carbon Zero by Nature 100% grass-fed angus beef, tenderloin steak, top sirloin steak, ribeye steak and New York strip steak at 134 Jewel-Osco supermarkets across the Midwest in April, as well as certain supermarkets in New York City and Los Angeles in March.

“We want U.S. consumers to see the commitment and passion of our farmers and the management and care they provide at every point of the process,” said Nicky Cummerfield, head of global marketing, Silver Fern Farms. “This makes Silver Fern Farms the future of delicious grass-fed, sustainable red meat.”

Rachel Adams joined Informa’s Health & Nutrition Network in 2013. Her career in the natural products industry started with a food and beverage focus before transitioning into her role as managing editor of Natural Products INSIDER, where she covered the dietary supplement industry. Adams left Informa Markets in 2019. 

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