Opportunities in the natural sweetener market – deep dive

Opportunities in the natural sweetener market – deep dive

Many consumers are monitoring their sugar intake and adhering to healthier diets, yet typically they are unwilling to sacrifice taste for calorie reduction. On-trend brands are turning to natural alternatives that deliver sweetness but also carry consumer associations of health benefits, such as fewer calories, lower glycemic impact and clean label attributes. Examples of natural sweeteners increasingly being used include stevia and stevia blends, monk fruit, coconut sugar, sugar alcohols, syrups, prebiotic fibers and honey.

Takeaways for your business

• The global market for stevia is expected to reach US$554 million by 2024, up from $338 million in 2015.
• Prebiotic fibers such as inulin and oligofructose offer a sweet taste and digestive health benefits.
• Reformulation to lower sugar can affect traits such as mouthfeel, texture, taste and functionality.

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