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Bite by bite: Plant-based F&B stacks up – digital magazine

Bite by bite: Plant-based F&B stacks up – digital magazine
Consumer preference for healthy, sustainable food and beverages has given plant-based products a big part of the proverbial market pie—and it just keeps expanding. Meat, seafood and dairy alternatives are key players, with snacks, desserts and protein-packed beverages also touting plant-forward positioning. Formulation isn’t easy, though, especially when consumers want the best taste, texture, aroma, cooking experience and more. Fortunately, R&D has advanced formulation components to address it all. Download for all the info!

Takeaways for Your Business:

  • Two major pain points in the plant-based market are affordability and availability. 
  • Consumers have high expectations that plant-based products will rival conventional counterparts. 
  • Fungi, lentils and chickpeas, among other ingredients, are vying for a presence in this space. 

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