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The new world of weight management – report

The new world of weight management – report
Download this guide for a dive into understanding today's consumer attitudes about weight management and label-friendly ingredients in weight-loss products.

Join us for an educational journey as we explore today's consumer psych related to weight management and how that is affecting their purchasing behavior related to healthy weight loss management. What strategies are available for brands trying to meet these needs, while continuing to meet the ever present challenges of taste and texture with label friendly solutions?  

Here's a sneak peak of some of what you'll find inside:

  • A market overview - a look into convergence of trends.
  • The rise of the modern weight management consumer.
  • Crossing over, a new mindset: from weight-management to “clean label”.
  • Weighing in on weight-concerned consumers, a look at the data.
  • Anxiety and the COVID effect, plus personalized solutions.
  • The skinny on weight management opportunities and "clean” weight-management solutions.
  • Plus, specific topics that resonate with consumers:
    • From lower sugar to digestive health, to "premiumization".
    • And a bit of futurecasting: Defining personalization.

Also included a bonus infographic within to help you sort through the trends.

Today's consumer values are influenced by a rapidly changing market environment. Download this report and stay ahead of the trends to support your best in class, label friendly, product design to support healthy weight management.

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