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Natural spells sweet success for beverages – digital magazine

Natural spells sweet success for beverages – digital magazine
Advances in alternative sweeteners are aiding manufacturers in reducing or replacing high sugar content, yielding beverage options that better resonate with critics and health-conscious consumers.

Added sugars are one of the latest villains in the burgeoning better-for-you product quest, particularly when it comes to beverages. Soda and sports drinks were targeted years ago, but more subtle sources—such as juice, tea and flavored water—were less scrutinized until recent years, as consumers got more savvy and clean label excelled. Various government entities have attempted or enacted levying taxes on sugary beverages, with mixed results. However, advances in alternative sweeteners have yielded many positive gains.

Takeaways for your business

• Added sugars contribute almost 270 calories per day to American diets
• Chile, Mexico and the UK enacted taxes on sugary drinks; U.S. efforts have been in smaller regions.
• Sweeteners such as stevia, coconut sugar, organic raw agave, honey and monk fruit appeal to a clean label.

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