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A new kind of brew: Innovations in coffee and tea – digital magazine

A new kind of brew: Innovations in coffee and tea – digital magazine
Coffee and tea are perhaps the world’s original functional beverages, naturally offering boosts in energy, aid in relaxation and relief from digestive issues, among other benefits. But in today’s day and age, consumers want more. From added functional ingredients and plant-based creamers to new formats and textures, coffee and tea are in the midst of a major makeover—and consumers are drinking it up.

Takeaways for Your Business:

  • Globally, the coffee and tea markets are expected to be worth nearly US$150 billion by 2024.
  • Today’s top trends include added functionality, plant-based creamers and exciting new textures and flavors.
  • COVID-19 has affected how, where and even why coffee and tea are consumed across the globe.

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