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All about the flavor: Bell F&F unveils 2018 Spark Trends

Article-All about the flavor: Bell F&F unveils 2018 Spark Trends

Bell F&F Unveils 2018 Spark Trends
Bell Fragrance & Flavors released its 2018 Spark® Trends that take flavor cues from global inspirations to healthy and balanced nutrition.

The up-and-coming trends no doubt will be making their way into new food and beverage product launches as well as the restaurant sector.

Flavor trends include a deeper dive into the Mediterranean Sea; consumers that are making healthy-ish decisions; ingredients found at the intersect of the world’s grid; chefs using a touch of cleverness in the unexpected; an inspiration from our social surroundings; and a “bao of respect” to well-known Chinese provinces of the culinary world.

Here are Bell’s six up-and-coming Spark Flavor Trends:

Touched by the Mediterranean

This trend takes consumers on a journey around the Mediterranean Sea near the Northern coast, filled with an abundance of fresh seafood, and learn the various citruses, crafted-liquors, cheeses and seasonings reigning from this region.


Consumers are all about eating healthy without sacrificing taste. This trend explores what’s nutritionally good and making it (actually) fun to eat—by exploring those healthier alternatives and flavor enhancers that create well-balanced and tasty dishes but also make food selection decisions kind of “healthy-ish.”

Longitude and Latitude

Imaginary lines across the globe create a grid of exploration and intrigue for many chefs with the need to learn about new ingredients and flavors.


This 2018 trend combines several perfectly crafted executions with a special dash of surprise that keeps people coming back for more using unexpected flavors nuzzling their way into dishes.

Outdoor Social

This trend zeroes in on foods and beverages that can and should be enjoyed everywhere, and it seems like we all enjoy it just a smidgen more when that “place” is outside.

A Wok Through the Provinces

Move over crab rangoons and fried rice—the world is finally discovering the robust culinary repertoire of China’s eight food regions and their palette-tickling diversity.

The Bell Spark® trend program has evolved over the years to become a dynamic program that analyzes different data points combined with consumer insight to generate trend forecasts for flavor and fragrance predictions and concepts.

“Each year Bell validates our past predictions to see where they have matured in the market place and our success rate has been spot on for each Spark® trend further validating our unique trend curation process. We are excited to ignite your creativity and inspire your senses for future flavor and fragrance developments,” said Kelli Heinz, vice president of marketing, Bell Flavors & Fragrances.

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