Danish food manufacturing ecosystem can propel your food and beverage EU footprint – webinar

North American F & B manufacturers can grow their business in the EU by leveraging Denmark's R & D, food safety, and manufacturing infrastructure and full service ecosystem.

September 23, 2022

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North American brands and manufacturers aiming to grow their business in the EU may find that regulatory stumbling blocks and lack of knowledge about differing production and safety requirements within the EU may hinder their ambitions.

Denmark offers a unique and whole-service ecosystem, providing the needed infrastructure and scientific experts needs in a one-stop-shop fashion, helping manufacturers streamline the growth and development in the EU.

The Department of Food Science at Aarhus University, Denmark is a research based department that conducts high quality research focused on new knowledge, solutions and technologies to increase the overall sustainability of the food system from a production, environmental and consumer perspective. The department has considerable expertise and focus of quality, differentiated, diverse and health aspects of food and ingredients. Their current strategic research areas include: Plant, food & environment, Climate friendly foods, Circularity & food waste, and Food health & wellbeing. 
The department delivers both fundamental new knowledge, and innovative and impact focused research aligned to research and industrial partners. In addition, the Department is heavily involved in national and international education programs, has over 50 Bachelor and Master thesis students and over 70 Ph.D and postdocs. The department is also responsible for delivering research based policy advice for the Danish ministries within sustainable plant production systems, food quality, and consumer perception and behaviors. 

For food technology and safety, ISI Food Protection, founded in 2009, provides highly specialized applied food & plant microbiology knowledge and services.

ISI Food Protections is L3 classified food safety laboratories & L3 classified food pilot plant–NordVal expert laboratory for validation of new methods according to ISO 16140 and the NordVal protocol. The organization is cross-industrial along the food value chain, providing international customer (food processors) portfolio services and  ensures food safety.

Additionally, the infrastructure system supports the food industry and their suppliers with overall experience and know-how, and extensive laboratory services, ensuring product development and research activities that produce and market foods that are safe and stable.

Join us for a presentation from Denmark with experts in research, development and sustainable food systems and learn about requirements for successful EU food and beverage business, and how the Danish ecosystem can turn product ambitions into reality.


  • Learn how investing in Denmark can catapult your food and beverage success in the EU market.

  • Understand more about specific requirements for entering the EU and how the Danish ecosystem can support business needs with full service expertise.

  • Find out how to build sustainability and meet ecological requirements for conducting F & B business in the EU.

  • How Denmark is driving the trends and facing up to the global food challenge to ensure safe, high-quality food for all.

  • Understand Denmark's contribution to a high-quality and safe global food production

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Francine Schoenwetter
Director of Content Marketing, Food and Beverage Insider

Michelle Williams
Head of Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
Michelle Williams, has a research background from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Denmark, where she has primarily focused on the pre- and post-harvest quality of plant-based foods, specifically optimization of production factors, response to abiotic stress, and inner and external quality attributes. Since 2011, she has been Head of Department of Food Science at Aarhus University, Denmark and is responsible for leading large consortium initiatives, strategic development of the department, career development, working environment including equality and diversity, entrepreneurship, revenue targets, strategic partnerships and teaching portfolio. Michelle also sits on the EIT food Supervisory Board.

Dieter Elsser-Gravesen, Ph.D.
Managing Director, ISI Food Protection, Aarhus, Denmark 
With a Ph.D. from the Technical University Munich, Germany, and master degree in food technology, Hohenheim University, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany, Dr. Elsser-Gravesen specializes in microbial food science and pathogens, the science of food safety. He carries nearly 30 years of food science R & D and commercialization expertise and has been engaged in food production and innovation processes for Danisco and other key food producers throughout his career. He is broadly published and is responsible for select patents microbial cultures and food preservation.

Eva Kläning
Director, Global QEHS, Arla Foods Ingredients
Eva Kläning worked with whey protein from a scientific perspective, specializing in biophysics and protein chemistry. Eva joined Arla Foods Ingredients in 2017, transferring from the scientific community to a role close to the discovery, production and sales of specialized whey ingredients. Recently Eva has moved to Global Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, promoting the continued development of the strong foundation necessary to cater to sensitive customers.

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