Fermentation frenzy: Opportunities abound in fermented foods and beverages – product development guide

Consumers embrace the health benefits of microbes in fermented products—their delightful flavors and sustainable profiles are a bonus. Learn where to focus your product development.

October 5, 2023

1 Min Read
Fermentation frenzy: Opportunities abound in fermented foods and beverages

Fermented foods and beverages have been around for centuries. Until recently, U.S. consumers may have only known products like pickles, vinegar, sauerkraut and beer as fermented fare. But as they discover positive health effects on gut microbiome, immunity support and cognitive health benefits from fermented foods and beverages, they’re clamoring for kimchi, kefir, kombucha and more.Because of the vast range of possible starter materials, environmental conditions and microbial species involved, fermentation can yield a nearly infinite array of foods and beverages. With the potential to elevate all kinds of food, opportunities for product developers and brand owners in this space are immense.

Download this product development guide to learn how unique ingredients can be fermented and repurposed into new foods and beverages that are innovative, nutritious and delicious, with strong, marketable sustainability stories.

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