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Avoiding unconscious incompetence in CBD innovation – webinar

White-paper-Avoiding unconscious incompetence in CBD innovation – webinar

Avoiding unconscious incompetence in CBD innovation – webinar
Lessons learned from developing food and beverage products with CBD. Attend this webinar and gain an understanding of recent FDA cannabis regulatory guidance and how to be prepared for long term success in the quality hemp CBD industry.

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True fact: the leading cause of CBD project death is overconfidence fueled by ignorance. CBD is as promising as it is perilous, but responsible companies understand that success in all things — CBD included — ultimately depends on preparation, patience, and knowledge. 

Caliper Foods develops products and ingredients using cannabis. But unlike many companies in that sector, Caliper considers themselves first and foremost a food company. They have devoted the last six years developing standardized, water-soluble cannabinoid products and technologies that simplify the development process and provide consistent consumption experiences. 
Caliper is devoted to bringing safe and standardized cannabinoids to consumers and manufacturers alike, primarily in food products. Their team includes food scientists, manufacturing specialists, and quality systems experts that hail from some of the largest, most well-respected CPG companies on Earth. Caliper is a food & supplement company that specializes in cannabinoids, not a cannabinoid company that plays in food & supplement.

In this complimentary webinar, we will explore the "Wild West" of CBD from a product development perspective, particularly food and beverage, touching on common missteps and sharing critical learnings, all with eye toward giving you and your company the knowledge you need to run a healthy and successful CBD innovation project.

This webinar will provide you with: 

  • An understanding of why formulating with Hemp CBD in food and beverages requires specialized formulation knowledge.
  • The information needed to proceed with confidence when developing food and beverages that contain cannabinoids.
  • Clarity about the specific regulatory requirements related to producing food and beverage products with hemp CBD.
  • Ways to avoid common formulation and labeling missteps.

Francine Schoenwetter
Content Marketing Director, Informa Health & Nutrition


Keith Woelfel
Director of Research & Development, Caliper Foods 
[email protected]
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Keith joined Caliper in 2016 after 20 years with M&M/Mars, where he led product development and large-scale launches for billion-dollar confection brands as a member of the company’s Health and Nutrition Venture Group. Keith is the author of several patents and has developed over 50 new products to market. Keith holds a BS in food science and an MS in analytical chemistry/food science from Rutgers University.   

Live Q&A with:
Justin Singer
CEO & Co-Founder, Caliper Foods
[email protected]

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