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Fats for health: Omega-3s, MCTs and more – product development guide

Fats for health: Omega-3s, MCTs and more – product development guide
Download this product development guide for developing innovative foods and beverages with healthy fats and oils.

The resurgence of fats and oils has been great news for both consumers and formulators. Health perks aside, they make food taste delicious, satisfy cravings and satiate the body. For food and beverage formulators, fats and oils deliver myriad functional attributes such as preservation, texture, mouthfeel, structure and the big one: flavor.

However, to appeal to today’s health-conscious, label-reading consumers, formulators have not been given carte blanche to fatten up products with just any ingredient. Consumers want clean, natural, responsibly sourced and minimally processed fats and oils. Especially popular are those with health-beneficial properties such as a high amount of omega-3 or omega-9 fatty acids, which many plant-based sources provide. 


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