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Sweet sustainability in the confectionery space – digital magazine

Sweet sustainability in the confectionery space – digital magazine
Companies embracing sustainability as a holistic means of doing business are reaping great benefits among an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious population.

Consumer demand is growing for products that are greener and manufactured sustainably, as well as for companies that practice environmental and social responsibility. Research shows consumers not only view these products and companies in a more positive light, but it increases trial, quality perception and willingness to pay a premium. Chocolate and coffee are two of the many categories where sustainable practices are being rewarded in sales growth.

Takeaways for your business

  • From 2017 to 2018, chocolate with environmental claims sold five times faster than the overall market.
  • Supply chain technologies are helping standardize and digitize areas like global agricultural shipping.
  • 84% of consumers surveyed avoid products with excessive packaging; 60% want recyclable packaging.


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